Book now your Gondolas Boat Ride, no more obstacles between you and one of the most beautiful city in the world!!


Accessing facilities means living life to the full, sharing spaces and opportunities for meeting other people.

This is everyone’s right, enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which rules that States Parties should take appropriate measures to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to the physical environment and to transportation, among other things.

Visiting a unique special city like Venice on board a GONDOLA, one of the symbols of Venice, is not possible for wheelchair users. This is NOT RIGHT.

GONDOLAS4ALL ONLUS aims to  solve this problem:

  • gondolas must be accessible to everyone, including wheelchair users:
  • wheelchair users must be able to get into a gondola safely and independently
  • Venice must become an even more accessible city


GONDOLAS4ALL has designed a completely new solution, never previously implemented: the construction of a special jetty combined with an automatic wheelchair lift, able to transfer wheelchair users onto the gondola in a safe controlled way.


The special jetty: this is a floating jetty made entirely of recycled plastic obtained from tetrapak processing and produced by the company Rein.

Access to the jetty is provided by a non-slip ramp.

The automatic wheelchair lift: the jetty is provided with a special lift; the wheelchair is fixed to the lift which, by means of two motors, moves it and positions it directly in the gondola, a simple safe operation. The automatic wheelchair lift will be produced by Fadiel, a leading company in Europe specialising in equipment for the disabled.

Are you ready for a wonderful trip by Gondolas in Venice?


The person can remain comfortably seated in his/her manual/electrical wheelchair till to 250kg
It adapts to different types of motor disability
Boarding is performed in complete safety


The Gondolas4All gondoliers are expert purposely trained operators: they have all followed a course provided by UILDM VENEZIA (Italian Association of Muscular Dystrophy) and have obtained certification in the following:

disability terminology;
knowledge of different disabilities and related mobility needs;
knowledge of relational/emotional aspects.


he first special jetty complete with automatic wheelchair lift will be installed in Venice in Piazzale Roma, the point of arrival for cars and buses with the railway station nearby.

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Is the service age restricted?

No, everyone can travel on a gondola. Any age is allowed.

How much costs a ride on a Gondola?

This is the time rate:

  •  80€ for 30 minutes
  • 120€ for 45 minutes
  • 160€ for 60 minutes

The rate doesn’t change according to the numbers of passengers (max 3).

The time rate is different according the number of passengers?

No. The rate doesn’t change according to the numbers of passengers (max 3)

Ex. A 30 minutes tour for 2 people is 80 €, the same rate for a 30 mintes tour for 3 people.

How many passengers are allowed on board?

Three passengers, one of which on wheelchair.


Where is the boarding gate?

The boarding gate is in Piazzale Roma.

How far is the boarding gate from the cruise ship harbor?

10 minutes with the People Mover, funicolar railway which links Tronchetto with Piazzale Roma, managed by AVM Holding, the service is suitable by special needs people.

How far is the boarding gate from the train station?

One steamboat (vaporetto) stop.

How far is the boarding gate from the cruise port?

One “people mover”  stop. More info’s here


Is possible to delete the reservation?

Yes, at least 24 hours before the departure.

Is possible to change the departure time?

You can ask for it untill the 6.00 pm of the day before the reservation. You are going to recive an answer depending on our availability.

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